Evidence Unleashed

Powerful analytic software for healthcare data

Evalytica, a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) platform by Evidera, provides fast, transparent analysis of healthcare data. Evalytica unleashes the evidence-generation potential trapped inside rapidly growing and diverse sources of real-world patient data.

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Broad Analytic Capabilities

A growing repository of pre-built Analysis Apps provide extensive analytic capabilities, with a programming interface for custom Analytic App development


Intuitive User Interface

Flexible workflow supports both simple data queries and complex analyses, appropriate for varied types of users


Visual Interactive Output

Analysis results are visual and interactive, and output can be customized for each analysis


Diverse Real-World Data

Single analytics engine supporting efficient analyses of multiple real-world data sources of nearly any type, including claims, EMR and registry data


Results at Your Fingertips

Scalable cloud-based infrastructure delivers near real time analysis and storage for huge volumes of real-world data


Reusable Definitions

A library of patient cohort and health outcome definitions can be curated, searched, shared and re-used across all users and communities


Analysis Communities

Collaboration features foster user collaboration and sharing based on an area of common interest such as a therapeutic area, pharmaceutical product, or project


Publication-Ready Results

Use of standard data formats and published analytic methods provide transparency and yield results that may be used in publications or submissions


Custom Solutions

Evalytica software, combined with Evidera’s expert consulting services, provide customized technology-driven solutions for life sciences organizations of all sizes

How It Works

Identify patients to analyze

Select patients to analyze through an intuitive user interface, or chose an existing definition from a reusable library of patient cohort definitions

Choose analysis(es) to run

Choose from a growing repository of modular Analysis Applications (Apps), each allowing users to customize analysis behavior and output based on run-time parameters

Select data source(s)

Select one or more real world data sources you’ll use to run your analysis.  Evalytica supports multiple, diverse sources of real-world data

Generate your evidence

Execute your analysis, produce results in minutes, and gain critical insights exploring visual, interactive output

Collaborate and share

Join one or more analysis communities to collaborate in real time on study protocols and definitions, and to discuss, communicate and disseminate results

Ask an Expert

Connect directly with an Evidera scientist to get help with database selection, cohort definition, analysis methodology, results interpretation or any other question associated with an Evalytica analysis

One of the most well-respected research teams in the life sciences industry

About Us

As part of Evidera, the Evalytica team is redefining the intersection of technology and healthcare analytics with innovative next generation software for real world evidence development

Pioneers in the development of innovative, real world analytic technologies


We have the best and brightest minds working on innovative software that has the potential to fundamentally change how healthcare data is analyzed.  If you’d like to join a team that is making a difference in how the life sciences industry uses real world data, check out our openings here.

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